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PandoFrame v3.1.3

Copyright 1998 Panda Systems, All rights reserved.

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You will need StuffIt Expander 5.0 or better, which you can get here, to decompress the downloaded file. If your browser tries to display the download file as "garbage", hold down the option key while clicking the Download button. Decompress the saved file with StuffIt Expander. If you still experience problems downloading, try downloading from the Info-Mac HyperArchive.

Description: (Freeware) PandoFrame is a Macintosh application that allows you to place picture frames on your desktop. It's like Stickies for pictures. The picture frames set above any desktop pattern or picture you have, and can be arranged anywhere on the desktop. Frames can be any of nine shapes and come in a variety of colors and patterns. You can even create your own custom frames! (See Framewright.) They are perfect for displaying pictures of your loved ones, family, or even your pets!

System Requirements: MacOS 7.5 or greater.

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