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PandoCalendar v7.0.8
Mac OS X Universal Binary

Copyright 1997-2011 Panda Systems, All rights reserved.


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Description: (Freeware) This useful Mac-only program places a fully functional calendar on your desktop. The look is completely customizable. You can change the calendar's font, size, and the colors used to draw the calendar; the background can be entirely transparent, so you can still see your desktop picture; you can center the current week (so you are always able to look back and ahead a full month at a time). PandoCalendar can display the numerical number of the weeks of the year, display the calendar with European style weeks (Monday being the first day and Sunday being the last), assign notes to any day of the year by clicking on the day in the calendar, and set alarms to remind you of time sensitive events. You can also have PandoCalendar automatically plot the days you work. Great for people who don't have a Monday-Friday work schedule!

System Requirements: Mac OS X 10.4 or greater.

Don't have Mac OS X 10.4? Download an older version of PandoCalendar.

Version 6.0.4
Requires Mac OS X 10.2 or greater.

PandoCalendar 6.0.4

Version 5.7.6
Requires Mac OS 9.1 and CarbonLib 1.3.1 or greater.
You can download CarbonLib from Apple here.
PandoCalendar 5.7.6

Version 5.5.6
Requires Mac OS 7.5 or greater and Appearance Manager 1.0 or greater.
PandoCalendar 5.5.6 (PowerPC)
PandoCalendar 5.5.6 (68K)

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