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PandoCalendar (Freeware) Mac OS X Universal Binary
This easy to use Mac-only program places a fully functional calendar on your desktop, easily keeping important information, such as birthdays, anniversaries, meetings, etc., just a click away. Go to page...


PandoFrame (Freeware) Display your favorite snapshots of family members, pets, or favorite pictures, anywhere on your desktop, with PandoFrame. Go to page...


PandoStickers (Freeware) A Macintosh application that provides a fun and easy to use way for you to place graphics in a sticker-like form, on your desktop. Go to page...


PandoMural (Freeware) A Mac-only program that easily and conveniently displays pictures on your desktop in place of the desktop pattern. Go to page...


Framewright (Freeware) Framewright is a tool for the creation of frame plug-ins to be used with PandoCalendar 3.0 and PandoFrame 3.0 or greater. It enables you to custom create your own picture frames! Go to page...


Calendar Conversion (Freeware) Calendar Conversion is a Macintosh application designed to calculate dates past and future, with the ability to convert dates between the Gregorian, Julian, and Jewish calendar systems. Go to page...

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August 25, 2011

  PandoCalendar 7.0.8 - Fixed a bug that prevented note balloons and mouse clicks from working in Mac OS X 10.7 when the calendar window level was set to "Desktop". Fixed a rare bug that could cause a day to be replaced by a duplicate of the previous day on the calendar.

October 3, 2009

  PandoCalendar 7.0.7 - If the system color picker is still open when the preferences window is closed, PandoCalendar will now close it. Renamed the calendar window level "Below Finder icons" to "Desktop" to reflect that the calendar will now sit just above icons on the desktop instead of below them in Mac OS X 10.6 and later. Fixed a bug that caused the wrong week of year numbers to be displayed for 2010.

February 7, 2008

  PandoCalendar 7.0.6 - Added a window to browse though all recurring events by their group. Added two menu items to the File menu for creating new notes and appointments. Added a popup menu with preset snooze times to the reminder window. Changed the creation of new events to avoid a situation where a long delay could occur. Added a one second delay to the search-as-you-type when the search string is less than three characters long. Fixed a bug that could prevent changing the stop date of recurring events when run in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Fixed a bug that could prevent printing a range of events when run in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard.

November 2, 2007

  PandoCalendar 7.0.5 - Added an option to prevent reminders from waking/unblanking the screen. Fixed a bug that would cause changes to a date and time field in any event editor window to be ignored when run in Mac OS X 10.5 Leopard. Fixed a bug that could cause multiple reminders to cause a drawing error in the reminder windows. Fixed a bug that could cause a crash when selecting items in the list control of the reminder window. Fixed a bug where a reminder would fail to display for events with a time of midnight or that were set to all-day. Fixed a bug where if more than one event with a group display style of Underline occurred on the same day, the event priority used to determine the color to draw on the calendar was reversed. Fixed a bug that could prevent printing a range of events. Fixed a bug that prevented the "How To" items in the Help menu from opening.

September 21, 2007

  PandoCalendar 7.0.4 - Stopped displaying events with an empty title and details field in the note balloons. Improved the summary displayed in note balloons for events with short details. Fixed a bug that could cause the error "note is a required value" to display, and prevent saving changes to edited events.

September 5, 2007

  PandoCalendar 7.0.3 - Sped up calendar updating when editing an event. Changed the note balloons to display more of the event description depending on the number of events to display in the balloon. The note balloons now wrap lines of text more. Changed the default title of new events to be empty. Fixed a situation where an event in a group with a display style of background, could occur on the current day and the current day border could be too small to easily see. Fixed a bug that caused the forward (next month) arrow to not always respond when clicked. Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if certain colors were used for the calendar background. Fixed a bug that would make the reminder window intercept key presses when opened. Fixed a bug that could cause a note balloon to open when the calendar is hidden if a reminder is displayed.

July 13, 2007

  PandoCalendar 7.0.2 - When a frame in selected in the "Change frame" file sheet, the calendar window will now temporarily display using the selected frame. Added QuickView to bring the calendar to the front, while the mouse is in a user definable corner of the main screen. Added lines to frame the dates in the calendar window. When unchecking the all day box, if the duration is one day, the duration will now be reduced to one minute, but if the duration is more than one day, it will remain unchanged. The event start time for a new appointment is now rounded to the nearest half-hour. Fixed a bug where a new appointment that was created between 11:00 PM and 11:59 PM would have a start date between 12:00 AM and 12:59 AM the following day. Fixed a bug where some frames would be drawn with small gaps in the corners. Fixed a bug that would cause PandoCalendar to freeze when creating a custom frequency advanced recurrence rule. Fixed a bug that caused new events to fail if in the advanced recurrence rule the "If selected day(s) fall on (Weekday) move to (Previous|Next) (Weekday)" option is used. Fixed a bug where after clearing the calendar frame field, the change would not be saved if the preferences window was immediately closed. Fixed a bug where the results of searching the help files would not always open. Fixed a bug that caused the "Show Note Balloons over calendar" option to be ignored. Fixed a bug that prevented the month name and year from un-highlighting after opening the navigation popup menus. Fixed a bug that could cause PandoCalendar to freeze when importing a pattern style recurring note that had a large "days on" or "days off" value.

July 3, 2007

  PandoCalendar 7.0.1 - Fixed a bug that would corrupt the end date when importing of a pattern style recurring note that had an end date specified. Fixed a bug that could cause PandoCalendar to crash when importing a pattern style recurring note with a blank pattern. Fixed a bug that could cause PandoCalendar to freeze when importing "By Day of Week" recurring notes. Fixed a bug that could cause a crash if a font specified in the preferences could not be found. Renamed the "Calendar window has drop shadow" option to "Calendar text has drop shadow", and moved it to the appearance settings.

July 2, 2007

  PandoCalendar 7.0 - PandoCalendar now requires Mac OS X 10.4. PandoCalendar has been completely rewritten in Cocoa, and is complied as a Universal Binary, for native support of both Intel and PowerPC Macs. All text is stored as Unicode, providing support for non-Roman script languages. Text editing supports Check Spelling as You Type, drag and drop, and modification via the Services menu. Daily notes, appointments, and recurring notes have been combined, and are simply called events. Events span multiple days, and can include pictures, links, and other formatting in the event details field. The event recurrence editor allows for more complex rules. PandoCalendar stores events in a new file (located in the Application Support subfolder of the User's Library folder) using the Core Data API introduced in 10.4. Labels have been renamed groups. The number of groups is no longer limited to twelve. Groups can have different display styles, allowing for all events in the group to be marked on the calendar with a circle, underline, or changing the background color of the day. Find has been drastically sped up, and can search occurrences of recurring events. Search results can limited by event group or date. The calendar window can be set to float above the windows of other programs, or sink beneath the Finder icons on the desktop. Event circles are no longer clipped at the edge of the calendar window. The calendar window can be dragged by the days. Moving the cursor over the calendar will highlight the background of the day underneath. All reminders display in a scrolling list inside of a single window. Snooze duration can be temporarily set for each reminder. Note balloons will display even if PandoCalendar isn't the front-most application.

May 3, 2005

  PandoCalendar 6.0.4 - PandoCalendar now requires Mac OS X 10.2. Fixed a bug that caused black boxes to appear behind text on Mac X 10.4 if the calendar has transparency set.

October 29, 2003

  PandoCalendar 6.0.3 - Fixed a bug that would cause standard style frames to draw improperly on Mac X 10.3. Fixed a rare bug that could cause the calendar text to display in a distorted color. Fixed a bug that prevented the import notes/appointments dialog from working.

September 10, 2002

  PandoCalendar 6.0.2 - Fixed a bug that could cause text on the calendar to be drawn as black squares on some systems. Fixed a rare bug that could cause a crash when opening a daily information window. Fixed a bug that could cause the calendar to revert to the Antique frame when entering text in the preferences window and no frame was already selected.

September 5, 2002

  PandoCalendar 6.0.1 - Fixed a bug that would cause the calendar to render without any text when certain fonts were used. Fixed a bug that caused the calendar to not redraw properly on some systems. Redesigned the preferences window. Added an option to disable the shadow on the calendar window. Added an option to disable the oval click targets behind transparent dates. Moved the label pop-up menu from the bottom to the top of the daily information window, to work around a change in pop-up menu behavior in Mac OS X 10.2.

August 26, 2002

  PandoCalendar 6.0 - PandoCalendar now requires Mac OS X 10.1. The calendar background can now be transparent. Frames can now support alpha channel transparency. The dock icon now displays the current day of month. Fixed slowdowns when running on Mac OS X 10.2. Removed anti-aliasing preference, it is now always on. Fixed a bug that could cause the command, option, or control keys to act as if they are being held down if a reminder is displayed as one of the keys was being pressed. Note balloons now open in front of the dock.

March 2, 2002

  PandoCalendar 5.7.6 - Worked around a change in Mac OS X 10.1.3 that caused dragging recurring notes to break. Changed note balloons to now respect the dock.

December 17, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.7.5 - Worked around a bug in Mac OS 9 that would cause importing and exporting to fail. Fixed a bug that would cause importing of recurring notes from versions 5.0-5.0.3 to fail. Fixed a bug that could cause search result windows to display very thin and not be able to resize wider. Worked around a bug in Mac OS 10.1 that would cause sheets attached to the calendar window to display in the wrong place. Fixed a bug where all note balloons, except those that appeared to the lower right of a date box, wouldn't point to the proper date. PandoCalendar will now directly overwrite the preferences file when a temporary preferences file can't be created. Fixed the formatting in the About window on OS 9 with Chicago as the system font. When opening the Preferences window fails, because the Frames folder can't be found, there is now a more descriptive error message.

September 27, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.7.4 - Fixed a bug that would cause the calendar frame to draw as garbage when the screen was set to millions of colors in Mac OS X 10.1. Worked around a bug in Mac OS X that causes reminder windows to be hidden if PandoCalendar was hidden at the time the reminder was displayed.

August 8, 2001

  Jay's Color Utopia - A new frame set for PandoCalendar and PandoFrame.

August 6, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.7.3 - Add an option to always save changes in daily information windows without asking. Fixed two bugs that would cause PandoCalendar to crash if run with CarbonLib 1.4. Fixed a bug that would prevent an Apple Script from being able to export notes and appointments to a text file.

August 1, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.7.2 - Worked around a bug in CarbonLib that could cause a random Type 2 Error crash, when choosing a label.

July 31, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.7.1 - Fixed a bug that would cause the Paste menu item to act like Copy.

July 30, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.7 - Reminders can now be snoozed for a user definable amount of time. Notes and appointments can now be exported to a text file or dBASE database. Notes or appointments can also be imported from a dBASE database. PandoCalendar now has Apple Script support for exporting/importing notes and appointments. PandoCalendar now speaks the text of reminders. Added support for recurring notes that are relative to the last day of month. The PandoCalendar application package now includes a Mach-O binary for better support on Mac OS X. Reminders now unblank the Mac OS X screen saver. Fixed a bug which would cause PandoCalendar to not write the reminder time for recurring notes when printing. Fixed a bug where PandoCalendar wouldn't always use the right font when printing. Changed PandoCalendar to use the classic Print Manager API on Mac OS 9. Worked around a bug in CarbonLib 1.3.1 that would cause the reminder windows to have a standard document window frame. PandoCalendar now requires CarbonLib 1.3.1.

March 27, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.6.1 - Worked around a situation where PandoCalendar would not launch, complaining that "CarbonLib--NewSpeechChannel" could not be found, if the Speech Manager was disabled.

March 27, 2001

  PandoCalendar 5.6 - Carbonized PandoCalendar for Mac OS X. PandoCalendar is now a packaged application and requires MacOS 9.1 and CarbonLib 1.2 or greater. PandoCalendar has a new 128x128 32bit icon. You can now have multiple Daily Information Windows open at once. Reminders are now small global floating windows. You can now have more than one reminder open at the same time. Reminders can now play MP3s, MP2s, the audio track of QuickTime Movies, AIFF files, and Windows Wav files. Added anti-aliasing of the note ovals. You can now set the calendar row to keep the current week in. You can now set the delay time for the QuickView corner. A Windows menu has been added. The Frames folder can now be kept in the same folder as the PandoCalendar application. The Preferences window has been redesigned. You can now change the font used for Faith's Checkbook. Fixed a bug where an appointment that is set to display a reminder minutes or hours in advance, and the advance time extended into an earlier day, would be displayed a day late. Changed the Recurring Note list and the list in search result windows to use Apple's new DataBrowser control.

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